Bedford and Bunkers

Posted On May 5, 2017

Bunkers have been working with the Bedford for over 20 years, developing a great relationship that works extremely well for both parties.

Originally partnering with the Phoenix Society, Bunkers continued the relationship when Phoenix amalgamated with Bedford Group in late 2014. Combined, the two organisations have a remarkable 120 years’ experience, with 20 sites across South Australia and NSW. Bedford now employ over 1400 people with disability and their number one priority remains the same – changing the lives of people with disability by providing real work, training and life skills development.

When you purchase from Bunkers, every product we manufacture will have some input from Bedford along the way. At Bunkers we think this is a great way to contribute to the community that we’ve proudly been a part of for over 30 years.

It is this commitment to training as well as a significant expenditure into capital equipment that enable Bedford to produce a large proportion of the technical work found in Bunkers components. Staff are well trained, knowledgeable and familiar with the Bunkers range. Sophisticated cutting, boring, routing and moulding machinery enable high quality components to be produced at volumes that promote cost effective products. Bedford and Bunkers are using this technology at the forefront of manufacturing and combining it with our values of strength and quality of product that have built the Bunkers brand to what it is today.

In a price driven market that is saturated with imported products of questionable quality, Bunkers together with Bedford have maintained a competitive price point with our far superior Australian made bunk beds, cabinets and desks.

To learn more about Bedford, head to, or to see what Bedford and Bunkers are achieving together you only need to visit your nearest Bunkers showroom.


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