The Bunkers Riddle…

Posted On October 28, 2014

The answer may not be as exotic as you first thought, but our LL4 combination pictured below illustrates perfectly that the possibilities achievable with a Bunkers solution really are as endless as your imagination.

With the head and foot for the 4 beds, 4 bed legs on each standard bed, but only 3 for our high bed and of course no hands, this combination will sleep 4 people very comfortably. Even order the high bed in our Midline height or perhaps change the bed sizes to king single and create even more space. Plus of course, still made right here in Australia at your Bunkers store.

We’d love to hear what creative bedding and study solutions you think of or have created with our versatile product range.

Lo-line longwall bunk with standard bed divan foot and trundle


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