Do I have to purchase everything I see in the pictures on your website at once?

No, all of our products can be purchased separately and at any stage during the life of your product. This is just one way that Bunkers can grow with your needs.

Does the furniture come complete or do I need to assemble?

Depending on the pieces you choose there will be some assembly required.
All head and foot ends of bunks and beds come fully assembled. Side rails and safety rails come as a flat pack to be attached. Slat bases are fully assembled and ready to drop in.
All cabinets come fully assembled. Combining cabinets with desktops and space saver combinations may require a small amount of further assembly.
Please enquire with your local store for details specific to your order.
Assembly may be an option with delivery in your state.

Do your prices include mattresses?

Prices shown do not include mattresses. We understand that many customers have perfectly good mattresses that they would like to continue using.
This way you are only paying for products you need.
Please consider us for your mattress needs as each store stocks a local supply of mattress solutions suitable for the Bunkers range.

What is the furniture made of?

All high beds, bunks, beds and slat bases are made of sustainably sourced renewable radiata pine.
Cabinetry is made with engineered particleboard and natural pine veneer to match our beds. Drawer runners are solid pine. Drawer boxes and bases are constructed of machined E0 MDF as are our trundle bases. Cabinet backs can be either MDF or PLY board to suit the product.

Can I have a different colour from what is pictured?

All of our products are made up to your order and can be in any of our finishes pictured online, plus more!
We now have images of our available finishes online for easy reference. Please check with your local store before ordering though as images will vary from screen to screen and may not be an accurate representation.
Also check with your local store about ‘to match’ options, which may be available to help our product blend in with your existing furniture.
Mixing and matching of finishing options within your product is also available, please enquire with your local store for further details and ideas.

Can I have a different size from what is pictured?

All of our bunks and beds are available in single and king single, with the majority also available in double and queen!

Can I buy online?

All online purchases are followed up by a phone call from your local store to confirm details specific to your order, as well as payment details. These details can include ladder directions, finishing choices, mattress and delivery options.

What if I don’t like something about Bunkers products, but it’s close to what I want?

Please contact your local store where our products are made to customer orders. If there is something not quiet right for you then a major advantage of dealing with the manufacturer is that we may be able to help you with any changes you may seek.
Please understand that we are not custom furniture makers but can make minor changes to existing products. Our hands are also tied when it comes to altering some bunk components and dimensions, so that we ensure that we are still supplying safe products that exceed Australian Standards.

How long until I get my product?

All products are made to order by your local store. Turnaround times will vary from state to state. It is best to enquire with your local store at any given time to get an accurate timeframe for your specific product.

How will it be delivered?

Bunkers do not have an in-house delivery service. Each store has established their own chain of local delivery and country area freight solutions to best serve our customers.
Bunkers are happy to act as a liaison with any freight / delivery company, taking the bulk of legwork out of this process for our customers.
We highly recommend using furniture carriers as our products do not come boxed up.

Does it come boxed?

No. As our products are manufactured on site and to order, products do not come boxed or wrapped.
Please come prepared with suitable protection for furniture when collecting from store or choose furniture carriers for any freight or deliveries.
Your local store may provide wrapping options, please enquire within.

Are the slat bases stained/painted?

No. Our slat bases are constructed using heat treated radiata pine handpicked for strength to allow for our lifetime guarantee on slat bases. We do not apply any finish to these bases – this allows your mattress to breathe and also avoids passing on unnecessary cost to our customers.

I can’t find the combination I want in your pictures?

Our pictures on this site are only there to provide ideas on what is possible. Please come up with your own combinations to solve your sleeping, storage and study needs. Play with different sizes, colours, cabinets and bedding positions to create your own unique solution.
Visit or call your local store for more information, ideas and advice.

What is the clearance underneath your high beds?

The space under your high beds is an often asked question, probably why we included it in this FAQ?
Our loft beds allow for 140cm clearance to the underside of your side rail.
Midline high beds 122cm and our Loline height beds allow 86cm.

What is the weight bearing capacity of your bunks?

There is no maximum weight load limit for any of our bedding range. Weight bearing capacity and comfort is often heavily influenced by mattress selection. A good quality mattress will disperse weight across the slat base and allow for a greater load.
Bunkers have been manufacturing these bases for over 30 years in residential and commercial uses – all of our slat bases still confidently carry a lifetime guarantee.

What age do you recommend for your bunks?

Every child is different and at any given age their size and confidence levels vary greatly. Your child needs to feel confident and comfortable gaining access to and from our bunk beds, independent of parental help.
As a general guide though Bunkers do not recommend use of upper beds on bunks or high beds for children under the age of 6.

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