Wooden Bunk Beds – Why wooden you?

Posted On May 26, 2014

Most customers initially look to wooden bunk beds for their aesthetic appeal, but the benefits of wood stretch far beyond good looks.

If you’re thinking strength is an important factor, then consider that the radiata pine we source has a strength weight ratio on average twenty percent higher then structural steel. When you come in to one of our stores to actually see, touch and feel the weight of  our bunk beds, you can begin to appreciate how much strength we pack in – a fact you’ll really appreciate in years to come!

Wooden Bunk beds

Wooden Bunk Beds

Our environment will also appreciate your decision to buy a wooden bed. Removing carbon from the atmosphere and reducing new carbon emissions is a core principle of tackling climate change. Your bunk bed achieves both of these!

Your wooden bunk bed stores carbon, in fact fifty percent of the weight is carbon. All Bunkers wood is responsibly sourced. This means that the wood we use is a renewable resource and the forest areas we source from will regrow to provide further carbon storage, oxygen generation and forest habitats.

In comparison to materials like steel, aluminium or plastics, wood is highly energy efficient to produce, giving it a very low carbon footprint.

No 1 supplier of Wooden Bunk Beds

When it comes to purchasing your wooden bunk bed you must visit Bunkers. Bunkers have been manufacturing wooden bunk beds in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane for over 30 years and still make them locally to your order. That means we have established a strong reliable supply chain of renewable pine that we know works well with our bunk beds, so well in fact that we still back our entire range with a 10 year guarantee.

Feel good knowing that not only does your new wooden bunk bed look amazing, but it’s also the responsible choice for our environment – Feel confident knowing you’re purchasing an extremely strong Australian wooden bunk beds 🙂


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