• Lo-line longwall bunk with lo-line chest and underbed drawers

    The Lo-line Longwall Bunk Bed is great for sleeping two people at a height that still allows easy access to the top

  • Bunkers Riddle…

    What is native to Australia, has 11 legs but only 4 feet, 4 heads but no arms, yet can hold 4 people safely and comfortably?

  • Loft bed with quad desk and pedestal shelf

    The Loft Bed gives you even more space for desk and storage combinations. King single, double and queen size also available.

  • Double or Queen Side Ladder Bunk

    The Side Ladder Bunk has two sleeping areas with a front access. Optional accessories can add extra sleeping or storage. If your room layout

  • Captains Bed with 2 x underbed drawers and bedhead bookcase

    Our Captains Bed is designed to allow for two sleeping heights. Low - Allows for either trundle bed or underbed drawers High - Allows

  • Phoenix Society

    Buying Bunkers products means you are helping to employ, train and develop people with disabilities to attain an improved quality of life.

    Learn More;

  • Treble bunk

    Laminated timber curved posts give our Treble Bunk incomparable strength. If what you need is a double or queen bed, but you

  • Super desk space saver

    A huge desk with plenty of storage and shelving gives you room for anything you need to do.

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